Our story

Our business has been moving pianos since the 1970’s.  In that time, we`ve moved pretty much every kind of piano there is, in pretty much every situation. We`ve even been on television moving pianos. If you want a piano moving within Yorkshire, then look no further. Click here to get a quotation to move your piano.

We are licensed to dispose of pianos with the environment agency. If you have a piano that no longer holds a note, then click here to get a disposal quotation.

Quick Facts

We were established in 1974

On average we move around 10 pianos a week, 3 of these are often disposals.

The average household had 3 steps to the front door.

Our mission

We aim to be the main ‘go to’ piano movers in the whole of Yorkshire.

We’re already recommended by most good piano tuners and technicians.

Our offer